21 Things I LOVE About Travel

love travel

I travel a lot.

I’ve basically been a digital nomad for over 5 years, earning a living running (and failing at) start ups and various internet companies.

I have visited hundreds of cities and met a lot of crazy people. Thus I know a thing or two about sleep hacks and travel gear.

But even after all this time, I still love travelling.

Travel is awesome. Here’s why:

  1. I don’t have to shave
  2. Every day is an adventure
  3. I have more time to read
  4. I get to try new beer
  5. I’m a friendlier person
  6. I’m less fashion conscious (usually)
  7. I’m forced into awkward situations outside my comfort zone
  8. There’s no TV
  9. I meet someone new everyday
  10. Every day is the weekend
  11. I have more time to write
  12. I’m getting used to funky smells
  13. I learn all day every day – kinda like school, only fun
  14. I judge less
  15. I no longer let ‘what I do for a job’ define me
  16. I’ve become more comfortable on my own
  17. Food! So much new food
  18. I sleep less… It’s ok, I can sleep when I’m dead
  19. I’m more relaxed
  20. I have few material possessions to worry about
  21. I smile more

What do you love about travel?

11 responses to “21 Things I LOVE About Travel”

  1. Awesome list! I can relate to all of those. 🙂 Here are a few of my own additions:

    22. Since tomorrow or the next day never contain anything I’m not looking forward to, every day feels like the first day of the rest of my life.

    23. I get to live every day doing what many others spend an entire year planning and looking forward to doing for a week.

    24. The important things become more apparent and life feels more real.

    25. I really am “boldly going where few others have gone before”.

  2. I agree with a lot of those things. We also love the opportunity to learn a new language, that every day is different, that we appreciate the little things in life and that we do more exciting things in a year than we did in 10 before we travelled.

  3. @Raam – Thanks! Nice additions! I like 23 and 24.

    @Erin – I still havent taken the plunge and gotten my arrogant ass to learn a new language yet. But I imagine its super rewarding! Its on the bucket list.

    @Tony – Thanks Tony. I try to push myself outside my comfort zone, even tho sometimes I wimp out 😛 travel gives you an additional push!

  4. Hi Vinay, it’s nice to land on your blog. 🙂 Very cool list. Some of the things I like about traveling (the only countries I’ve only been outside of the US are Taiwan, China, and Japan) is the people, the culture, and the food!

  5. All of them have more or less rang true on my trips. Now I’m back in USA (after a year abroad), so I think it’s cool to have a period of comfort/growth.

  6. 22. New breakfast to experiment with.
    23. New lunch to experiment with.
    24. New dinner to experiment with.
    25. Gambling in shady casinos to make some extra money.

    Oh yeah, I love traveling too and I agree with most of your list 🙂

  7. @ Hubert – Nice to have you here 🙂 I would have to agree with all of those aspects! thanks for your comment!

    @ El Guap0 – I totally know where your coming from. Travel can get very hectic. Thats why I got an apartment in Budapest for a month to chill out for a bit. Its not helping that much 😛

    @ Than – lol food x 3. Haha shady casions are awesome. There are plenty here in Budapest!

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