Abstract Job Hunting – Using Google Adwords to land your Dream Job


As an ex recruiter I know a thing or two about how to get a job. I’ve seen a whole bunch of crazy techniques people have used to land themselves their dream job. Some pretty cool, like creative web-pages, some completly idiotic like calling everyday saying “I have job”. I came across this video the other day of a SUPER-EPICLY-AWESOME way to get your next job.

The guy was looking to get senior  job at one of 4 or 5 firms, working for one of the executives. What he did was create a Google Adwords campaign, with the keywords targeted to the names of the Executives he wanted to work for.

If you dont already know, Google Adwords are the sponsored advertisments you see on the top and side of a Google search result. Its basically how they make all their cash. Take a look at the example below:

Google Adwords

The areas in the red are the areas you can “rent” from Google for a price per click. Usually in the 10c – $2 range. Oh and sorry about the funky language, I’m in Budapest at the moment and Google tracks your location to display advertisments close to you.

This guy bought the space for the executives names, so when they Google themself, his advertisment popped up on the top of the search and took them into his website of some sort, which I am guessing was a sales page / resume of him asking for a job.

Check the video he made of the experiement: (click here if you cant see the video)

For all his efforts (probably 1 days work) and money invested ($6) he ended up with two job offers! Genius!

Think of all the cool stuff you could use this for. Tim Ferriss used it for choosing the title of his book. Next time your struggelling to get past that gatekeeper consider the option of putting up a Google ad and see what happens. Now thats abstract living!

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  1. That’s brilliant! We’re living in an interesting time when unconventional uses for new technologies are possible. Give it a few more decades and stuff like this will be more rare as businesses (like Google) ensure such usage is regulated and only offered at a cost (if at all).

  2. I totally agree man. When I saw this video a few months ago I thought it was simply brilliant. People need to become more innovative by the ways they present themselves for jobs. If you hate the “9-5” its mostly likely because you don’t have your dream job – you have two options; create your dream job or be remarkable by the way you present yourself.

  3. @ Raam – Yes its only the begining like you said. Thx for the comment.

    @ Tony – Presentation is so key. Its amazing the difference you can achieve by just being a little different and innovative. Thx for the comment.

  4. Vinay, do you have info on the page the links would take people to? Did he do a walk on video presentation or just post his story and resume?

  5. Hey Jayiaco,

    Thanks for the comment.

    From memory he took them to his portfolio page which had his CV, referrals etc… Pretty clever right?

    Not sure if he did this, but you could create a custom landing page for each person and have a personal message on that page addressing them 🙂

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