Alfresco Document Management System Alternative

Intrigued by the concept of the paperless office? Company document management systems change paper files using their electronic equivalents, assuring competitive advantage by supporting how your company handles and safeguards information better, facilitates collaboration, and streamlines operations. File management software, sometimes called content management software, usually delivers storage, indexing and retrieval services, search and version control capabilities.

A document management system can significantly offer your company the following benefits:

– Reduces cost of filing and distribution . Digital records are easier to file and access than paper records, and emailing records is less expensive than printing and faxing them. You can also save office expenses and warehouse space since you will not have to physically archive old paper records.

– Safeguards company data much better. Document management systems enable companies to keep a background of who reads which documents and to control access to digital files. Encryption alternatives for email and stored files offer an even greater level of control.

– Improves access to professional advice by enabling groups of employees to creat digital files more readily than they can with paper files.

– Facilitates conformity with government regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley (SoX) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

– Maintains consistency to company processes. For instance, you can use document management systems to be applied on naming conventions or to ensure that employees follow rigorous acceptance processes.

Choosing the Right Document Management System

There are dozens of document management systems and they come in numerous forms. Some methods are incredibly complex and high-priced, but others are more straightforward, more affordable and aimed at helping small business.

Data Recovery and Document Security

Document management systems can allow you to protect professional services by offering multiple layers of security, including password protection, audit trails and encryption. Make sure you go back in the safety and data recovery features of the things you want to consider.

Consider an “on-demand” or “hosted” file management product. These applications are reachable on the Web via a browser. Buyers typically prefer to pay a per-user month-to-month license charge than to rent out the whole program.

Viewing Contents and Records

Alfresco gives easy usage of folders and viewing of records and abundant media content during the redesigned User Interface. New attributes contain more room for preview and toggle activities, attributes, tags, etc. In addition, more file and content formats are supported like preview of video and audio files that might be utilized for product training or advertising functions.

Records like new merchandise data and advertising materials from suppliers could be modernized in a single location, and the entire business is going to have access to the newest advice based on their security levels and entry privileges.

Easy Access for Viewing, Searching and Finding Records and Filing Metadata.

Adding records to Alfresco

There are various other ways to transfer documents into Alfresco, besides scanning records into Al Fresco from Ephesoft, which gets to paper or fax, email. Users can drag-and-drop upload from their desktops, fall onto folders in Al Fresco, and use integrations with Microsoft Office tools.

An essential characteristic in providing services to numerous clients is the ability to secure documents by user and team. Alfresco offers extensive security products where consumers can just be given access to the records based on the group and their company functions.

The safety model is very adaptable and can use folders, document types and other file data to handle access controls.

Alfresco Alternative

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