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The document management system is focused mainly on the storage and retrieval of self-managed electronic records management system. It is usually designed to help out organizations in handling the development and flow of files throughout the data repository system. It is a computer-activated system of monitoring and storing electronic files and/or pictures of hard copies of files. It is often viewed as an integral part of an enterprise content management system associated with asset management, document-imaging tasks, workflow and records management system .

It has the following standard operating features:

– Focused on handling records, though they’re frequently capable of handling other “electronic information” such as pictures, film files etc.

– Each device has a self-managed system, which means it is stand-alone equipment, not dependent on any external device for its functioning capabilities

– There are few (if any) hyperlinks between files (they may be linked by “group” the items employing a classification scheme or taxonomy)

– Focused mostly on storage and archiving and record life-cycle management including record expiry

– Comprises strong workflow for incorporating business processes into the direction of the files.

– Targeted at storing and presenting files in their own native format (perhaps not restricted to MS-Office products but including a variety of advice types).

– File access may be restricted in a folder or file degree – and other safety models might be used

– Restricted capability to generate web pages (suitable for intranets but perhaps not internets) usually produces one page for every record.

Best Document Management System

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