Document Management for Construction

In a building-project, owners’ manual is very important as it serves as a ‘memory bank.’ It records all the work-related activities that are being done at a given point in time. Operating instructions guarantee that no unfair labor practices are committed because it serves as the basis for which labor-related claims and other grievances can be aired out by workers.

Project documents establish permanent records management system through which review,analyses and re-updating of work-related events and activities are established. In the event of a work-related offense, securing these project documents is important since it would prevent the practice of snatching away of incriminating evidence to cover up misdeeds. These secured project documents protect the welfare of the workers. It is a standard industry practice to maintain a thorough and organized operating instruction manual as it is not only a contract requirement in large-scale construction project but also serves as the basis upon which all proposals, disputes and settlement are established.

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