How to Manage Documents

Records management, frequently known as Document Management Systems (DMS), is using a PC system and application program to store, manage and monitor electronic files and electronic images of paper based information captured by using a document scanner. The definition of a record means “recorded information or an item which may be treated as a unit”. DM techniques enable files to be modified and managed but usually lack of document preservation and utilization based on functionalities.

Vital Documents Management characteristics are:

Check-In/Check Out and Lock In
– Model Control
– Roll back- Audit Trail
– Annotation and Stamps
– Summarization

At the present-time, Document Administration Systems, are measured in size and scope from small-scale, independent systems to large-scale interdependent business oriented system serving international markets. Many document administration systems provide a means to integrate standard physical record filing practices electronically. These generally include:

– Storage location
– Protection and entry control
– Model control
– Audit trails – Check-in/check out and record lock in down

File management, while still recognized and utilized alone, is also a common component uncovered within an Enterprise Content Management environment.

Document Management

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