Just say YES! And a Tattoo!

For the last year or so I have been trying to live my life much like the Yes Man (you know that good book by that guy and the crappy movie with Jim Carrey). It’s amazing what can happen in your life if you just say yes.

There are a whole bunch of quotes I could pull to this argument and I have talked about the importance of decision making in the past.  Men (and women) should make decisions and that decision should be yes – most of the time anyway. And once you say yes, you need to DO IT, and DO IT GOOD!

Take my last 2 years for example.

I made the decision to quit my job and travel. I then made a decision to make money while I travel. I travelled all over the world (South East Asia, Europe and North America) while making money and having all sorts of crazy experiences which I loved. While I was in Canada, I made a decision to enter the Shoemoney Contest which I won controversially and lead me to Vegas. In Vegas I met Adolfo Salazar who I now work for. I met Shoemoney and DK who are great guys. I moved to Tempe, Arizona to work with Adolfo for a couple of months, I then plan to spend Summer in Costa Rica.

This is life in Tempe:

In March I am going to Vegas for Lead Con, Austin for SXSW, Lake Havasu for Spring Break and Miami for Ultra Music Festival.

While I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t decide to say yes, I also wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have support and help of others. Such as my uncle in Vancouver, Adolfo and Jeremy Schoemaker. Humans are social creatures and we progress much faster when we work together (something many internet marketers don’t embrace). Relationships are everything. Relationships are created through commonalities and shared experiences and are maintained through loyalty and trust. And because I promised to get a Shoemoney tattoo if I won the contest AND the black jack hand here it is….

Now that’s Abstract Living…

And thanks again Jeremy, my life has changed directions (once more) thanks to you.

Shoemoney Tattoo


16 responses to “Just say YES! And a Tattoo!”

  1. That is fantastic! Jeremy has led me into many, many great things and I am very grateful to him as well. The tatoo is fantastic! I can’t wait to hear how many people come up to you who are Shoe followers. Super cool!

  2. Haha yeah, its so going to happen. Rob suggested that I should have charged him for advertising 😛

    Either way, I said I was going to do it so it had to be done 🙂

  3. It’s about time! I’m surprised you didn’t outsource the tattoo. :p

    That place looks a bit better than that foo foo joint we went into in Vegas, eh.

  4. Yes, yes it is. 3rd time is a charm (I tried to get it done in Van but didnt work out…)

    Technically I did outsource the tattoo 😛 but yes, to a much nicer place than we tried in Vegas…

  5. Hey Vinay,

    Can’t believe you went through and got the tattoo but I still think it looks pretty awesome.

    Had fun meeting you at DK’d poker tournament be sure to let me know when you are in Seattle.


  6. Haha yeah I figured I had to do it… Good meeting you too, doubt I will be in Seattle anytime soon but ill probably catch you at another event soon!

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