Looking for a Co-Founder for New Startup – UI/UX

UI/UX Co-Founder

We are looking for a team member to join as a co-founder for a new startup called Process Street – www.process.st. Process Street is building a collaborative process management system targeted at the SME market.

We are a brand new startup, working to build our MVP. We currently have 2 of our desired 3 “Dream Team”. We have our Hustler (business/marketing) and our Hacker (coding/sys-admin) we just need our Hipster (UI/UX) co-founder to help make our dream a reality.

We are Australian and Canadian and the company is based in Delaware, USA, but we’re living and working in Buenos Aires, where we plan to build out the initial product and work on doing market testing and gaining traction. If everything goes well, we plan to move to San Francisco (Silicon Valley) to scale out the business.

The Role:

You will be part of a 3 man team, working to build a highly needed, super useful product that helps businesses make more money. Easy sell.

Because you are coming in at the ground level, you will be entitled to founders equity – which we all know is going to be worth BILLION$ in just a few short months 🙂


– User EXPERIENCE. Yes, that’s experience, not design, or interface, or graphics, or logos… EXPERIENCE

We are building a B2B product, and our first and foremost focus is to make sure our product is and simple, quick and painless to use. Because time is money for businesses, we must make our product as easy to use as possible or it will fail.

– User Interface.

Yes, you will still be doing design work and will be responsible for the look and feel of all of the areas of the startup. This includes product interface design, marketing site design, logos, color schemes etc… BUT WAIT. If you are a kick ass user experience person who hates thinking about colors, we still want to talk to you 🙂

– Front End HTML/CSS. Putting your UI/UX designs into action. You know the deal.

– Countless other startup hats including – Content, Customer Support, Testing, Marketing etc…


– UX Freak

We are looking for someone who lives and breathes UX. UX is your shit, you know what I mean. Websites, web apps, mobile, tv, you are interested in all interfaces. You are on a mission to optimize design and streamline the way humans interact with technology. You have a focus on functionality, simplicity, customer conversion and retention as your key experience design principals. Not pretty colors (not that we don’t like pretty colors).

– Outstanding Over Communicator (English). You gotsa know how to read, write, talk, yell, sing, shout etc…

 – A flexible life situation

– An understanding of how startups operate (understanding this job description is a good start)

– A burning desire to do something BIG

If this sounds like you, lets talk!

Contact – vinay@vskill.com


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