My Abstract Timeline

Below is a little about my abstract life to date:

At age 0 I…

  • Was born in Sydney, Australia

At age 6 I…

  • Went to a boarding school in India at the base of the Himalayas

At age 12 I…

  • Was taken around the world by my parents (thanks!) giving me the travel bug. Visited: USA, Canada, England, Scotland, France, Portugal, Singapore, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and India

At age 13 I…

  • Got my first job (pamphlet delivery)
  • Started my first business (buying bulk candy from the supermarket in the morning and re-selling it at school)

At age 14 I…

  • Was ‘recommended’ by my principal that I should leave school, half way through year 9 due to constant mischief and rebellious acts against authority
  • Got a job at the Pizza Hut Call Centre (I was too young to legally work but lied about my age)

At age 15 I…

  • Went to TAFE (a community college of sorts) and completed my year 10 in 4 months
  • Worked in Data Entry, Desktop Support and whatever else I could find

At age 16 I…

  • Became the youngest Australian to get their CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)
  • Also became a Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Got my first real job in IT
  • Travelled to Hong Kong and Japan

At age 17 I…

  • Returned to TAFE to complete my High School Certificate (HSC)

At age 18 I:

  • Lost my job in IT as my company closed down
  • Worked in a bar, cafe and restaurant
  • Executed my first stock trade

At age 19 I…

  • Graduated from TAFE with my HSC and a mark of 94.95
  • Was accepted into a Bachelor of Commerce at Sydney University (top business degree in Australia)
  • Got a job as an Undergraduate Accountant in a Finance Company
  • Got a job as a part-time Mortgage Broker
  • Got a job as a part-time High School Tutor

At age 21 I…

  • Quit my 3 part-time jobs
  • Got a full-time job as an IT Recruitment Consultant in a Public Firm, youngest consultant ever employed.
  • Switched to part-time Uni

At age 23 I…

  • Made $140,000 for the financial year
  • Purchased my first property
  • Dropped out of University
  • Travelled to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam

At age 24 I…

  • Quit my job as a Recruitment Consultant
  • Set off to travel the world: Asia, North America, Europe and counting…
  • Started an e-commerce business
  • Started affiliate marketing
  • Started this blog
At age 25 I…
  • Continued to travel… Mostly Canada and USA
  • Learned to Snowboard
  • Attended numerous conferences in the Internet Marketing Space
  • Grew my Internet Marketing Company
  • Sold my E-commerce Store
At age 26 I…
  • Lived in the Dominican Republic for 8 months, learned to surf
  • Built my internet marketing company significantly revenues, profit, staff
  • Started Vitoto
  • Also traveled to the US, Thailand and Australia
At age 27 I…
  • Moved to San Francisco to work on Vitoto where I currently am

Well, that’s all so far… Feel free to contact me regarding anything I have done or if you are doing something similar and want to network. I am always open!

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