My Half Assed and Very Late Affiliate Summit West Schedule

Tomorrow I leave for Vegas baby, second time in a few months, and second time with a $1k+ free conference ticket in my hand. The universe must want me to go to Vegas…. You rock universe!

But more importantly Shoemoney, his sexy staff, all my friends and family who voted for me, all the people who don’t know me but I harassed them via email or Facebook and to a few hundred random s from Mturk in some third world country. YOU ALL ROCK!

If you don’t already know, I am headed to Affiliate Summit West on an all expenses paid trip because I won the Shoemoney Crazy Affiliate Contest.

Travel Plans

I am a very last minute traveller.

Some people spend days even weeks planning their trips. I usually wake up in a haze, walk out the door and figure out where I’m going while I’m walking. OK, that might be a bit extreme but I am closer to the latter than the former.

Spending 10+ months travelling last year taught me that its not worth spending all your time planning if its going to cost you enjoyment in the moment. Plus sporadic planning can turn into crazy adventures. It can also turn into a looming and costly disaster but that’s a story for another day.

I have a 9am flight which I booked at 6pm tonight. I then booked a nights’ accommodation at Circus Circus which looks very entertaining for its modest price tag, and is close to the Wynn so I wont have much of a trek in the morning when I switch to the Wynn.

ASW Schedule

Looking around the web for some things to do, I stumbled upon the Canadian Affiliate Marketing meetup which is from 5:00PM – 6:30PM at the Wynn Parasol “Up” Bar. I figure I gotta go and get my pass so could be a good opportunity to meet some Vancouverites.

Then I’m headed off to DKs Poker Tourney. I figure this will give me a good opportunity to chat with people and maybe make some plans for the rest of the summit.

And that’s about all… Ill figure the rest out when I’m there. If anyone has any tips on specific events or parties to attend I’d be keen to hear about them.

I also had some questions about whether I will be blogging live from the event. In all honest, no probably not. I’d like to, but yea, doubt its going to happen. Will try and do a few post about it when I land – if I don’t come back with 100 business ideas that lock me down for the next few months!

Anyways, if anyone is at ASW hit me up. We can grab a beer.

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