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5 Tools that Utterly Changed How I Operate my Business

5 Tools that changed the way I do business

This good post on small business tools by Duct Tape Marketing explains the major 5 tools they use which created beneficial modification around the way they do business.

The modern day online business person should adapt using the alterations in technologies so they will hold pace with all the on-line age. This really is why you will discover a good deal of unique tools around to assist you stay focused, organize content material, make workflows and talk to your own crew.

Make points effortless for your self by taking a look at these excellent tools, and see just how much much easier they make your working life.

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Actual Proof that Checklists Work

Actual Proof that Checklists Work for you


To learn how checklists operate, Atul Gawande's The Checklist Manifesto will be the place to begin. With this in depth paperback, the author explains how effective checklists could possibly be employed to avoid human error and receive the top benefits from a team.

This Checklist Manifesto conclusion outlines the essential suggestions of the book  and demonstrates the worth of really clear, beneficial writing. 

This writer interviews the guy well-known for making checklists for aircraft pilots flying Boeing aircrafts, among one of the most challenging worldwide.

Determine the way to write clean documents that any individual can very easily comprehend and respond right after and study a success narrative out of your physician accountable for the wide-spread Surgical Security Listing – a checklist that's stored a fantastic number of lives considering that it was developed.

Checklists make it easier to quit a substantial difficulty: human error. Humans are effortlessly mistaken but do not believe themselves to be at fault – as a result of this, straightforward errors can cause complex situations and huge troubles within the extended run. Checklists can be a straightforward signifies to fix an extremely significant situation.

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7 Ways to Catch the eyes of Decision Makers on LinkedIn

Seven Techniques to Get Noticed by Decision Makers on LinkedIn

If you're questioning how one can come onto the radar and get noticed by some of the top rated influencers inside your field, LinkedIn may be the place for you.

This guide lists 7 in the best tactics to optimize your LinkedIn marketing efforts by obtaining the opportunity to be shared by choice makers with significant audiences. Incorporated is often a checklist you may work through at your individual pace to make sure you happen to be creating the very best of your time as you progress.

Connecting with these sorts of individuals is definitely the ideal method to turn out to be the resource. What this suggests is that you will be the 1 readers visit for information, producing it quite effortless to sell to them when you have got their attention.

It really is not essential to be a premium LinkedIn member to stick to this guide, so take a peek and uncover the most effective strategy to grow to be an influencer on LinkedIn.

Discover a lot more about advertising and marketing on LinkedIn right here.

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Awesome new venture strategies for gaining traction

Amazing new company tactics for getting started

Come across the way to progress from 0 to 1000 subcribers to have your 1st traction before launch day. These approaches involve content promotion and distribution, plus the easy rule for time management in the course of these methods.

It all begins with excellent content material, and from then on you are able to use these awesome content promotion strategies to develop your e-mail list and have a solid audience to advertise to as soon as you setup your item.

Makers Tool lists a great deal of different locations it is possible to submit your product and content material, together with tips for performing outreach to individuals with influence.

Get significantly more about content marketing here.

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How can you save time using the snooze button?

How can you save time using the snooze button?

If you've ever wondered how you may save time by leaving tasks till you are much more productive, this post about saving time has the answer for you personally.

When pressing the snooze button inside the morning is likely not the productive issue you might do, throughout the functioning day you'll want to decide which tasks have to have your attention and in what order. 

This decreases an issue faced by each and every single human being: decision fatigue.

Decision fatigue is what happens when you're tired of making informed choices and either prevent making selections at all or just take the quickest, simplest path.

The most unproductive time on the day is just following lunch, so understand how you can cope with this period of inactivity by reading this post on time management.

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Start-up idea: Marketplace for mechanics to help buyers purchase used cars

car question

I am thinking about a marketplace that would help buyers who know nothing about cars evaluate if a second hand car is a good buy or not.

You could create a profile and post the 3-4 cars you are considering.

Post details of their make, model, price and pictures or a video of the car and the engine.

You could then post a bounty for a mechanic to help you out, with a reward of say $50 (or whatever you choose).

Then similar to 99 designs, mechanics from all around the world could submit their reviews and advice on the cars.

Giving you questions to ask, feedback on your pictures and prices, links to other cars or whatever you may need to help you make a decision.

At the end of the process, you reward the most helpful mechanic the $50 prize.

I imagine this would be a great way for mechanics from all around the world to earn some extra cash and an easy way for buyers to protect themselves from getting ripped off on a shitty car that could potentially cost them thousands.

If you know of anything like this or are interested in building it let me know in the comments ūüôā

Check out my real startup here.

You can see a few of my other startup ideas here, here and here, learn about why my first startup failed here.

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Ways of coping with for Dull Days at work

Coping Strategies for Slow Days in the Office


How do you cope when you've got nothing at all at all to complete at work? If you're the sort of person who finds it tough to loosen up, you could get restless and annoyed with out a definite process to be doing.

If that is the scenario, it is ideal to take a look at these 8 important strategies on guidelines on the way to keep your self busy and be effective simultaneously. This post also contains sources to help you create a advertising and marketing campaign, create effective processes and profit out of your assets.

You will under no situations expertise a slack moment if you have typically got some point beneficial to achieve. See this crucial article for added details.

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The best way to Boost Productivity and Save Time

How you can Boost Productivity and Save Time


If you have ever wondered where to obtain a substantial list of productivity guidelines, here's the website for you. From work to individual life, you will find a variety of issues it truly is achievable to do and approaches you'll have the ability to use to certainly feel and get the job done significantly better.

Outsourcing will help you save money by employing another individual to achieve the tasks that generally waste your time and energy. Checklists enable you to help keep as much as date together with your progress in your day-to-day tasks or comprehend long-term targets and objectives.

How tidy is your office space? That might possess a genuine influence on productivity and how you truly really feel about your life. A messy desk can contribute to depression, as can eating unhealthily. This short post has recommendations on neatness moreover to a list of foods which could make you really feel great and get the job done smarter.

Check out this specific article for ideas on approaches to really feel healthier – it's sure to have a fantastic benefit.

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How the snooze button can make you more productive

task snoozing

Making decisions is one of the most important traits of any leader and is something I have to deal with on a day to day basis as CEO of Process Street.

The science behind why decisions are important is explained in¬†Science says you should do your most important work first thing in the morning¬†by Drake Baer. While we don’t always realize it, as we breeze (or slog) through our working days, we make countless decisions.

Which email should I reply to first?

Should I take care of this now or after lunch?

The reason that we get tired at around 3pm isn’t just because our body is diverting energy from the brain to the stomach as it tries to digest your lunch, but also because we have¬†decision fatigue.

We take the path of least resistance. Things we would usually have given thought to, we dismiss. Judges are well documented when it comes to decision fatigue, and since¬†our decisions might not be as impactful or obvious as a choice to send someone to prison for life, it’s still a real problem.

The solution to overcoming decision fatigue comes in a strange form. A form that you might normally associate with laziness or days off work…

The snooze button.

Recently I was reading a post by Tomasz Tungz on how he discovered email snoozing boosts his productivity.

This was interesting to me as I have recently adopted a couple of products that use the “snooze” function for managing tasks and emails.

In the post, Tomasz mentions tools for snoozing emails including¬†Dropbox’s Mailbox, Google Inbox and Boomerang. I personally use Boxer which also has the snooze feature, but this is not how I primarily use snooze. Another tool worth checking out to improve your email¬†productivity is¬†Right Inbox.

How I use snooze to manage tasks and emails

I use snooze on two different apps and actually use it for BOTH task and email management, not just email.

The first is is a task management app that I use to track my daily to-dos. This is my task dumping ground, I just have one main list and everything goes into it. The only separate list I keep is a shopping list that I share with my roommate and girlfriend. Besides that it’s kind of like an ‘everything’ list that I just dump stuff into.

I love this approach of managing tasks because when I have something I need to do I can just throw it into the main list, this removes a decision I need to make as I dont need to choose a specific list everytime I add a task. I use Evernote in a similar way for dumping notes, screenshots, receipts and business cards. I still have spreadsheets on wishlist. then has a focus mode called “ Moments” that lets me me go through all my tasks one by one. Any task that is past due or that has no date attached will pop up, and it will ask me to action the item either by completing it or snoozing it for a future date. This is a highly effective way of managing tasks as I can easily push back things that I think are lower priority.

This way of managing tasks via “Snooze” is the most effective way of managing tasks I have found and is the sole reason I use Any.Do over other todo apps (that and they are an AngelPad company).

The second is

Close is the CRM I use for managing my business relationships and for Process Street. Here is where I track emails, calls and notes specifically about other people. This includes customers, investors, partners, suppliers and other bloggers that we do cross promotions with.

close io inbox

The Close inbox and snoozing features are actually brand new as of the writing of this post (Aug 2015) they have only been out for a couple of months but this re-enforces the direction of apps moving towards task snoozing.

Close beautifully combines both tasks and emails into a single view allowing you to power through all your emails and tasks in one go. This is incredibly helpful for me as a CEO but I imagine it’s even more powerful for full time sales guys.

close io snoozing
Snoozing has been the most effective way I have found to manage both tasks and emails. It helps me action things faster and reduces the overall number of decisions I need to make each day.

If you haven’t already, try adding a snooze button to your Workflow and see if it improves your productivity.

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36 Highly Recommended Free of charge Productivity Apps for On line Marketers

36 Extremely Recommended No cost Productivity Apps for Online Marketers


Web based marketers have to take on a great deal of distinctive responsibilities. They have to work with social media, learn how to get around the initial page of search engine rankings using Website seo, interpret analytics, craft and come across outstanding information, and more.

They've got to become writers, designers, salespeople and researchers. On-line marketing is among the most interesting and varied professions inside the globe, and can be wonderful fun to perform in case you can do it correctly and productively without the need of any hassle.

These 36 tools for on the net advertising and marketing can help you to speed up your tasks and get one of the most out of your efforts. After all, you are going to want a method to be far more productive when there's so much to perform and only 24 hours within a day.