Sharepoint Competitors

SharePoint is a web-based application software from Microsoft that enables organizations to function more efficiently by allowing users to create files, data and information. Business organizations can select a whole range of SharePoint applications , each of which can provide a unique set of benefits.

SharePoint Foundation is the free product which has basic collaboration features which comprise of file libraries, lists, workflows, calendars, team websites and much more.

You can save information on electronic spreadsheets and create perspectives to display the information in different ways through filtering, sorting and grouping data.

A record library can be used to save files and records. It has added capabilities such as preparing a list that enables you to add columns to tag files. You can also create different versions of records and enables you to view files to perform editing and checking functions.

Workflows might be placed on files saved as lists or records saved in libraries. They could be as simple a process as notifying an individual when the value of a column is up-dated or as complicated as a procedure that involves dozens, and oftentimes, even hundreds of steps and tasks.

Calendars are customized to keep track of appointments, meetings and occasions. You may also connect them with Outlook calendars. By clicking push-down storage buttons, one can view SharePoint calendars on top of one another.

The team site is an internet site that you simply can create for a single document, assembly, procedure, division, organization and suchlike. Workflows, document libraries, calendars, lists and webpages are stored within the site. The basic concept involves saving all information related to a single document or procedure within a site.

Sharepoint Alternatives

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