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  • Vitoto Officially Shutting Down

    Vitoto Officially Shutting Down

    2012 – San Francisco… Vitoto was a failure. It feels good to say that. There has been an air of uncertainty around the state of the company for the last few weeks, its nice to make a decision. Firstly, I am proud of myself for taking the shot. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”—…

  • How to Search on iOS 7 iPhone

    To search on iOS 7 you need swipe down from the middle of the screen anywhere in the phone to bring up search. NOTE: This will not work if you are in an app that uses scroll such as Safari or Mail. Here is an example:   

  • App Idea – Turn iPhone’s into Public Hot-spots

    So you already know that you can turn your iPhone into a hotspot, but a PUBLIC one? that anyone can use? Here is the idea. Its an app that allows you to create a public hotspot that anyone can access with NO password. But for the user to access the hotspot, they need to watch…

  • Vitoto Editing Features Launched

    We just released an update to Vitoto which includes the ability to edit your videos, its bad ass. Check it out at Vitoto.com Or on the iTunes App Store.

  • Idea – Thoughts to Extend the iPhones Battery Life

    iPhone battery life is a huge problem that I hear people all around the world bitch about. Here are my ideas to solve it: 1. Put a solar panel on the back of the phone. This will give you the ability to charge anywhere there is light. 2. Implement kinetic and heat inductors. This will be…