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  • How Top SaaS Companies Use Email Marketing

    How Top SaaS Companies Use Email Marketing

    Effectively using email to connect with your customers is an important part of being a SaaS company. When someone signs up, you want to reach out to show off what your product can do, or tempt someone into upgrading to your premium service. We know this all too well, and we know how difficult it…

  • Long SaaS Ramp of Death

    Posting this here to remind me to watch it again. Amazing story from the CEO of Constant Contact.

  • Saas Business Process Management | BPM | Cloud Software

    A company with multiple operating departments should optimize and automate a number of business processes in order to maintain its competitive edge as well as improve productivity/efficiency in its business operations. Business Process Defined A business process is a series of detailed measurable activities performed by individuals under an established operational system designed to attain…