Startup Idea: Work and Workout Space

I learned so much from my recent journey to San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

I’ve traveled all around the world and I have to say, the Bay Area is easily one of my favorite places. Nowhere else do you get that magical blend of cutting edge technology, brilliant ambitious people, amazing food and a truly international culture.

While I was in the bay area I worked out of a few different “Shared Work Spaces”. There are a tons of them in San Francisco, through Silicon Valley all the way to San Jose. Probably more than anywhere else on earth, obviously fueled by the startup community.

Shared work spaces are offices where you can rent a space for your team, an individual desk or pay to just hot desk (sit wherever you can find space). The office is stocked with everything you need including security, printing and scanning, conference and meeting rooms and kitchen space. Many of the spaces also hold events targeted at the startup world and have relationships with mentors, investors and service providers.

While these spaces are awesome, I think we can do better 😉

IDEA – “Work and Workout Space”

I envision a shared working space which is half office, half gym, half health kitchen (and yes, I know 3 halves don’t make a whole).

Companies would pay a premium for access to this space, but would get a whole lot more than a simple work space. The premium cost would also be off set by the fact that employees don’t have to pay for food or gym costs.

Imagine a large warehouse type space with a cross fit gym, fully stocked kitchen with fresh organic foods (you could even bring in a chef if you so wanted) and a complete locker/change room for both guys and gals.

Companies could rent out spaces or hot desk – just like a standard collaborative working space – but also gain access to all gym facilities and eat free from the kitchen.

This kind of set up would make it almost impossible to not be healthy. Since you are working in this space with a bunch of other people who are all working out and you only have access to healthy foods.

The space could bring in instructors for specific sessions and run competitions between the community members.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet is proven to increase productivity, so there will be genuine returns to business owners. Plus having the gym and kitchen in the same space will increase the amount of time employees spend in the office. A tactic that some of the big dogs already employ (Google/Facebook).

Plus it can’t hurt to have a team of happy, health and good looking staff 😉

Additional ideas for the Work and Workout Space
– Standing and treadmill desks
– Ergonomic desks and chairs
– Smoothie bar fully loaded with protein and supplements
– Training on exercise, nutrition and supplements
– Cooking classes so you can keep up your diet for dinner and on weekends

I am about to move to Costa Rica and want to create a similar environment except its going to be a “Work, Live and Workout Space on the Beach”.

Would you want to work in a space like this?


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