My $1195 Blog Comment

Last week Mashable had a competition to promote their up coming event Blog World Expo in Las Vegas. The competition was to leave a comment in response to the question “What is the future of blogging?” and they picked 5 winners from their favourite responses.

So I entered my comment, as you do, and what do you know – I was selected as a winner. Yay!

Below is my winning comment:

The future of blogging will be a continual movement away from the one sided, board of director selected, opinion led information flow. A continual pressure against traditional media outlets as bloggers become the main sources of influence across all mediums including written, audio and video. Media moguls will no longer influence elections and wars, bloggers will. Bloggers will replace newspapers, radio and TV stations as truly enlightened individuals have two way conversations with their readers and deliver exactly the kind of content that they want.

Blogging will continue to remove the barriers to entry in becoming a global influential force, allowing people from all around the world – including third world countries – to step up and be heard by everyone. Something that was almost impossible in the world of media control.

I believe blogging will help create an equal distribution of information, where the people who are heard are the people who deserve to be heard because they have the strongest message. This in turn will help to enlighten the global population and eventually increase the equality of living across the world.

Now I’ve just got to get to Vegas…

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